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If you are into podcasts, and spirituality, maybe you’ve heard of Joel Osteen. I’m sure there’s politics around him. He is a white male with money and success. Honestly though, I don’t want to google that today. It’s so easy to find fault with everyone on the internet, probably even Mother Teresa, that I am choosing to bring only positivity into this post.

I just happened to stumble upon his podcast one day, and truly he is a wonderful speaker.  I got hooked. If you want to feel good, and need a little spiritual restoration, and want to uplift yourself, try him out. There is somethig about him that reaches into you, digs deep, connects and doesn’t want to let go… and you want to keep listening. Even if you are a “liberal latina spiritual lesbian” like me (which is not who I truly am…but that’s another post on human existentialism I won’t go into today).

In the episode/sermon “Say So” he speaks about the importance of saying things out loud, and he finishes the sermon with a blessing. This morning I typed it down, and adapted it a little bit for myself. I have printed it out and hung it in my room, where I will committ to recite it outloud every morning along with my meditation practice.


The blessing is a follows:

Say it like you mean it: 

I am blessed.

I am prosperous.

I am strong.

I am healthy.

I am talented.

I am creative.

I am competent.

I am secure.

I am disciplined.

I am focused.

I am attractive.

I am well liked.

I have a good personality.

The right people are in my future.

The right opportunities are headed my way.

I will accomplish my dreams.

I will overcome every obstacle.

2019 is my year.

Things have shifted in my favor.

God is about to show me something that I’ve never seen.

It’s going to be




than I ever imagined.

I am safe in the hands of God.

I am present today.

I am here now.

I have faith.


Do it too. Print it out. Put it up in your wall, in your bathroom, in your notebook, next to your desk, your bed, your altar. Just make it happen. Try it out with me for the next 30 days. This is another step I am taking for myself to live more in the moment, to fill me, and to truly just be.

Hope this fills you up too.

Much love,