We’re Off Again


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Our home has never been on the ground.

We are off to the next adventure tomorrow.

We’ve got no roots!

– Mushpa

Viva Menstruation!


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Cheers to those 3,500 days of our lives that we bleed!


In honor of the upcoming new moon on Thursday, here is a little love from Teal Swan.

And in honor of all the women that have this magic energy inside us.

We have it, so let’s tap it and lets make miracles with our blood!

Much love,



The Peaceful Atom is a Bomb


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“The Peaceful Atom is a Bomb”, was a bumper stick on the VW Bus parked across the street from me growing up. I thought they were the coolest. It was the late 80’s and most hippies had joined the corporate 9-5 jobs by then. Nuclear bombs equaled world domination, which was in. People wanted more bombs as the Communists were just around the corner.

Now people know nuclear bombs aren’t cool, but don’t really think about how they are out there, quietly ready to annihilate. The reality is we are barely skirting our own destruction with this Tr*mp and J*ng debacle,

Here is a visual tool to remind us that this is serious business. We are the guardians of our world.

What would happen if a nuclear bomb went off here?

After you test out where you live, your parents live, and your ex that broke your heart, then go here to see what you can do to put and end to this global threat!

Make love not war!

– Mushpa

Pa’lante My Friends


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Before you loved me like that.

The three faces of Eve… She is amazing.

I gave up TV and fell deep into the music and books y’all. Not gonna go on and on about it, but life, I must admit, is improving and it wasn’t so bad to begin with.

Edify us Girl.

– Mushpa

Get Up Get Down


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Today’s music brought to you by Sylvan Esso.

Hey Mami…

They are a local band from Durham, NC who made it big! :] North Carolina has so many great things! Watch out NYC, we have nerdy hillbilly coolness AND nature! We’ll call ourselves the Big Tobacco, the City that Sometimes Sleeps. Okay, that’s not so cool.




Tr*mp + Sinclair Broadcast Group = Extreme Danger to Our Democracy.


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Click Picture To Watch Video First

Tr*mp + Sinclair Broadcast Group (the country’s largest broadcaster, which owns or operates 193 television stations. The company is seeking a $3.9 billion deal to buy Tribune Media, a move that’s being held up by regulators over antitrust concerns.) =  Extreme Danger to Our Democracy.

To quote Peter, whom I got this Deadspin video from (click on the link to read more about “How America’s Largest Local TV Owner Turned Its News Anchors Into Soldiers In Trump’s War On The Media“),

It’s not just national media like Fox “News”, it’s more and more of our local stations, across different brands…NBC, ABC, and CBS are all part of it. The local anchors we’ve trusted for so long (more than national ones) are part of propaganda system most of us didn’t even know actually existed or thought it was happening elsewhere or on channels we don’t watch. Only ONE television news brand source isn’t part of it: PBS.

I just got a little scared watching this video and I rarely get scared. I am always prepared, so I am not scared of what’s going to come, now I am scared that it is here.

Unplug the TV. Don’t watch/read the mainstream news. Read a book. Go outside. Play. Love. Change the world for the better.



She’s Looking Through The Wrong End Of The Telescope


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Turn it around.

Feels like a curse.

Sounds likes a dream.

Don’t know what it means.

But it means everything.

Two of us on the run.

I can be the one who’s going insane.

A bike ride from our place in Brooklyn. We ate here so many times.

I love ya girl.

Took me 5 years to find them…but I did.


Mushpa + Mensa’s Book Nook


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Dear Fahrenheit 451, by Annie Spence

Welcome All to the Mushpa + Mensa Book Nook! The definition of a nook is a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security. I think a book can be defined the same way. For example, when I read a good book my mind finds itself in a secure corner, alone, where the external world no longer exists. I compare it to dreaming while awake, a dream written by someone else and you’re in the dream, but you’re different. This is what I mean by book nook. The book is the nook!!!

Now that we have the meaning of the name Mushpa + Mensa’s Book Nook, I can tell you what it is about. Here’s the long story, we, have been reading a lot more lately. This is due to giving up watching “TV” (We don’t have a TV but we do have Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc and huge computer monitor to watch said “TV” on, in my book it’s the same.) on February 19th. All those series to binge watch was taking over the little free time we did have and honestly, the payout was never worth the time. We find good movies to watch on the weekends now, but that’s it for the boob tube. I had been reading non-fiction somewhat, but I really wanted to get back into reading. Not reality reading, but that “take you somewhere else then come back with a better understanding of the world around you” type of reading. I wasn’t sure where to start, but being someone who loves free and community I headed over to my local public library. Ah, the library, how I love you; what a treasure to have in this country. I would pay more taxes so librarians could take the amazingness they create with what money they have now and truly go hard, but I digress. I went to the recommended section and found this book, Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks: A Librarian’s Love Letters and Breakup Notes to the Books in Her Life, by Annie Spence. This is a book about a librarian Annie, who is also happens to be the author of the book, very post modern. :] The book is letters she writes to different books, be it love letters, break-up letters, super fan letters, reminiscing about the good old days letters, never liked you letters, Dear John letters, etc. Annie writes from her “personal” self, her “librarian” self and sometimes the “two merged into one” self.

Near the end of Dear Fahrenheit 451 she gives book recommendations in a super witty way, which is how I found the book I am reading now in the “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: Books that Lead to More Books” section. I am halfway done and will say it has not disappointed. I have 200 and some pages left. I’ll let you know all about it in my next M+M Book Nook post.

Until then, do yourself a favor and go find an amazing book.

– Mushpa