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“The Peaceful Atom is a Bomb”, was a bumper stick on the VW Bus parked across the street from me growing up. I thought they were the coolest. It was the late 80’s and most hippies had joined the corporate 9-5 jobs by then. Nuclear bombs equaled world domination, which was in. People wanted more bombs as the Communists were just around the corner.

Now people know nuclear bombs aren’t cool, but don’t really think about how they are out there, quietly ready to annihilate. The reality is we are barely skirting our own destruction with this Tr*mp and J*ng debacle,

Here is a visual tool to remind us that this is serious business. We are the guardians of our world.

What would happen if a nuclear bomb went off here?

After you test out where you live, your parents live, and your ex that broke your heart, then go here to see what you can do to put and end to this global threat!

Make love not war!

– Mushpa