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Over Christmas break, we went to Spain to visit Cara’s family. We traveled to Valladolid, Salamanca, Segovia, Badajoz, Sevilla and Madrid, as well as a bit of Portugal.

One of the things that impressed me the most about the architecture was the visible textures and patterns that covered the walls of churches, courtyards and buildings. I became obsessed with capturing these textures and would yell out every time I saw a pattern I loved “Texture texture!” and we would have to stop, and take out the camera so I could capture it. Here I have gathered samples of these textures.

I hope that you may find inspiration for a mural, a background for your paintings, a pattern for your next pottery project or whatever other inspiration these may bring you.


Here are some delicious off white and cream textures….I love this set.

Some colors were often repeated. Blues, Mustard Golds, and Sea Foam Greens. Many many many patterns in southern Spain are also a reflection of the interconnection between the Arabic and Spanish history.

While the architectural details in every corner were made of marble and metal, to plaster and wood carvings.

Even the floors with tiny stones decorated in patterns and shapes.

Traditionally called Azulejos, pictured here are some of the traditional Spanish and Portuguese ceramic and painted tiles. A collection of  my favorite textures in Blues.

Hope these give you a little inspiration for your design work!