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I said in Mushpa + Mensa’s 2018 goals meeting that for our blog entries this year no more posting just music videos as an entry. Saying it more for myself than anyone, being the only person that does it. :] I went on to say, we need the entries to have sustenance, depth, words, links pictures, etc. It has to be a REAL blog entry. The last few days I have been thinking about what I should write about and nothing raised my interest. Cut to this morning when I went to check my e-mails and found this…

I was mesmerized, enraptured really. Move in an undefinable way that music gifts you. It connects you to the place of magic, which these days is not always easy to find. Music, when good, allows your vision to clear and your strength to return.

AHI’s (pronounce eye) music brings good things to the table. It creates hope in humanity’s light and confirms the existence of beautiful humans. That in itself is worth writing about.

So down with the rules, first blog entry of 2018 is a music video my friends. Forgive me my love!

We bring light to the table.

– Mushpa