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Are you obsessed with cats?  Here at Mushpa + Mensa we are too, and we have discovered a few deliciously purrrfect fixes to get your caturday on.

  1. The Purrrcast

We love podcasts. We cannot get enough. What happens when you love cats and you find a podcast all about cats? Well purrrfection that is. Steven Ray Morris and Sarah Iyer cohost the Purrrcast where they chat with their friends and other feline fans about the furry little creatures they love.

You can check out episodes on iTunes or wherever you get your usual podcast fix and be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

2. Cats of Instagram

Why is it that these creatures capture us so? Well even the Egyptians couldn’t help themselves. Now we can get a zillion pictures and cute videos of cats on demand! Here is one of our favorite accounts of cats on Instagram that we love.

Elvis, Mimi and Dot: the two furry friends behind My Favorite Murder (another highly recommended podcast). We most definitely enjoy Elvis, a cross-eyed Siamese cat who loves cookies. What a sweet baby angel!

Need more? Just look up #catsofinstagram but I am sure if you are obsessed with cats, that is your favorite hashtag.

3. Cats in Hollywood

If you google “movies about cats” you will find a gazillion. The other day though, on Netflix,  we found one that made us smile, had great actors in it, and truly got to the point of why cats are how they are…which is pretty much sassy human beings stuck in a cat body so we could learn a lesson.  It’s not an Oscar award film, but if you love cats, then you will get why we though it was fun.  Here is a preview. Enjoy!

4. Your Cat is the BOSS Shirt

So after all this cat obsession, what does that tell you? That YOUR cat is THE BOSS. That is why Mushpa + Mensa created a delicious organic cotton tee with the face of world famous Jefferson Brooklyn the First, AKA El Jefe which translates to “the boss.” Show your boss some love with this shout out to cats all over the world.

You can get this tee online at www.mushpamensa.com and enjoy a FREE gift for your cat (an awesome catnip filled toy handmade by us Mushpa + Mensa) with coupon code: CATURDAY.

Happy purrs,

Mushpa + Mensa