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The news needs to be true. You can help make truth possible by checking out Factcheck.org as a starting point. Let yourself get lost in finding the truth and then spread it all over that wondrous world wide web.

Factcheck.org sister sites include FlackCheck.org, which provides resources to help you recognize flaws in arguments in general and political ads in particular, and SciCheck, which sniffs out false and misleading scientific claims.

Want more? The people at Politifact have broken down a seven step process.

Other good fact-checking sites include Snopes, the Washington Post fact-checker, and OpenSecrets.org, which collects data on political spending.

Something to do right now if you so choose…

Tweet #pledgetruth and spread the word.

Facts are black & white! I took the pledge and you can too. :]

Let us not get lost in the static.

– Mushpa