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We got a lot of messages this morning from friends and family, some telling us about their plans to move to Canada, others worried about what maniacal plans of revolution we may be coming up with, and some excited about said plans. The rest are in utter shock. Thankfully the government is not just run by one man. We must remember that we as a people are more powerful than the few, if we work together. The key words being work and together.

Here is what my basic response has been while a bit shell-shocked.

This is what this country needed. This is the time where we decide to wake up and take our country back from corporations and nut jobs. This is our time to fight. To make sure he doesn’t take away things or pass things we don’t want. I will no longer be complacent. I would have most likely been while Hillary sold us out to Wall Street. This is a blessing in disguise. He could and might, on day 1, take away my healthcare, just because… You realized this country just elected a man who said he wanted to make America great again, meaning make it the white man’s America again, and disenfranchised white men and women, Donald Trump wouldn’t even let ride in an elevator with him, voted for him. We just elected a man that has sexually assaulted women numerous times and that basically tells people it is ok to do that to women. Actually, you can even become president. I am ashamed of my fellow countrymen that voted for Donald Trump or did not vote or voted for libertarians. This man will forever be in our history books like Hitler to the Germans is if WE allow this. He is a horrible racist, sexist, faithless, mentally unstable, sad man and our president. This is our battle cry to wake up and make change. We must start with ridding ourselves of the rigged electoral system and educating ourselves on our political system. Hillary won the popular vote and Donald still is our president!!!! Check out wolf-PAC.com and The Young Turks online. -c

I will not run. I am excited for the changes to come. I am excited for us to see the greater good of people that will come to light because of this darkness. I am ready for more of us to become enlightened and with that greater health for all and this world. We need to heal, but to heal we must first fight the sickness and this diseased government.

No me jodas, because now I’m awake. Stay tuned for more on this front.

– Cara aka Mushpa