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Hey all!

So February has started as a cold month with its wet and dreariness. But we gotta hit it back with some sunshine and love.  In honor of love month, how about a

LOVE YOURSELF 90 Day Challenge!

That’s right. If you read this. You have been served…the challenge. Now you have to do it. Pass it along to 5 friends for good luck…or else….No for real though. No chain letter non-sense, but if you think about it. What do you have to lose?


So this is what you have to do:


1. Choose a physical activity (yoga, weights, dance, bicycle)
I like yoga. It gives me time to explore movement so my body feels its proper functions, cardio so I get my heart pumping blood, and also a space to get in touch with the universe and my soul as a whole. + Meditation. A winner in my book.
Biking is also fun. It’s dual purpose of functionality as a mode of transportation, and a great form of exercise is a five star right there. If you don’t need to carry too many groceries, then take the two-wheeler for a ride. Post office, bank, pharmacy. Two in one!
And the good old fashion Walking Sport. 30 minutes a day. 10,000 steps. The minimum to feel the best.
2. Create a space for it!– Fill your space with inspiration. Nothing fancy.
Get a good playlist going. Explore a new artist for an hour. Anything. Your choice.
I have a little space in the window still where I put candles, stones, palo santo, and any other inspirational objects in front my yoga mat and block. It’s a dedicated space, and it won’t let me ignore it.
For Mushpa’s birthday month, I re-organized and temporarily transformed our “storage-cat-empty” room into a work-out sweat room for her too! A little paint, and some quotes. Boom!  It was really a spur of the moment makeover to a room with much needed renovations in the future. For now it is perfect for the next 3 month challenge.
3. Look for videos: We have found some really cool 90 day challenge videos online of different workouts. A 90 Day Yoga Fix with this cool cat Leasley. Very chill. She’s challenging but not outrageous. Or you can go all the way with P90X series that Mushpa will soon progress into. Heck yes!


Join Mushpa+Mensa on this Love Yourself Challenge!
Good luck