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Here are a few things that we could do for less than 19 billion. We can even do a couple of these at a time. Why 19 billion? Because recently Facebook just purchased the “Whatsapp” a texting app for that amount.

1. Making sure every man women and child would have clean running water – estimated 10 billion dollars.
better than whatsapp

2. UNICEF estimates that vaccinating a child against measles and rubella costs less than $1.50. That’s less than your coffee. And its worth more than a text. In 2011, over 400 people a day died from measles. Over a hundred babies a day were born with birth defects caused by rubella in 2008.


better than whatsapp

3. How about higher education!? Covering the cost of attendance at the Harvard College for one year for over 400,000 students.  And that’s Harvard, a private, ridiculously expensive university.



4. 2014 National School Lunch Program Budget – 14 Billion. Hey, how about feeding something healthy to our kids?


better than whatsapp

5. Or how about cancer research. The enacted FY 2014 budget for National Cancer Institute is $4.923 billion. Or maybe, just maybe, making sure those 47 million uninsured Americans get some sort of health benefits.


better than whatsapp

I am sure that the owners of Facebook were told that the app had magical powers that let you travel through time, teletransport, and that there was only one in the world, and it wasn’t simply just a texting device, right? Right!?!?

Choose where your pennies go.

– Mensa